Yogesh Soni

Yogesh is a Blogger in the Bicycling space. He works with a team to dig out the questions that Bikers (New and veterans) have about Bikes and Cycling in general and researches for the best possible answers to those questions to produce quality resources for the readers.

Can You Wheelie a Fixie

Can You Wheelie a Fixie? (How?)

So you’re on your favorite fixie, cruising down the street, and suddenly you feel the urge to pull off a cool trick. A wheelie, perhaps? But can you do a wheelie on a fixie? Wheelie on a Fixie A fixie bike, short for fixed-gear bicycle, is a type of bike that has no freewheel mechanism. …

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Do Road Bikes Hold Value

Do Road Bikes Hold Value? (Explained)

Bicycles are an effective mode of transport that offer numerous benefits including improved health, minimized traffic congestion, and reduced environmental impact. However, when purchasing a bicycle, particularly a high-end road bike, have you considered whether road bikes hold their value? The Value of Road Bikes in the Market Often, road bikes, especially those from well-recognised …

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