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My name is Yogesh and I am a prolific blogger, running a few blogs in the areas that are of interest to me and where I can be of help to others having similar interests.

My first bike was a blue-colored BSA road bike. I must have been around 12 at that time. The reason that bike was special to me was that my parents did not want me to ride a bicycle in the kind of crazy traffic in India (Where cars are freaking ‘Bumper to Bumper’) at a young age, so I used to plead with my cousin for his bike. So you see, I got my Bike at quite a later stage.

All this made me love bicycles more and more.

And that’s why I have chosen to write on Bicycles and help other people with any questions that they might have.

Aside from writing my Bicycling blogs, I love simplifying my life, Yoga, taking sunbaths, traveling, and drinking hot milk 😉

I have had the opportunity to travel to United States (New York and Florida). I have lived in Canada for a few months (2019). In 2011, I lived in Scotland for a few months as well. I went to Singapore on a short vacation in 2017. I am pretty much aware of western culture and traditions.

In Vancouver, Canada (2019). This is a beautiful place called Deep Cove (Great place for Paddleboarding and Kayaking)
Singapore (2017)
In New York, 2009 (Just a school trip to the U.S.A)

The goal with BikerYou.com is to create a portal that makes it easy to find information and know-how about Bicycling. We will feature the best solutions for the problems that BIKERS have.

Thank you for stopping by.

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