Can You Go Backward on Fixed Gear Bikes?

One question that often pops up when people ride a fixed gear bike is whether it’s possible to go backward on them. In this article, we’ll see the mechanics of fixed gear bikes and whether or not it’s possible to go backwards on one.

Can You Go Backwards on Fixed Gear Bikes

Can You Go Backwards on Fixed Gear Bikes?

Fixed gear bikes are different from traditional bicycles, as the pedals and rear wheel are directly linked. This means that the rider can pedal both forward and backward, allowing for greater control and precision while riding.

However, riding backward on a fixed gear bike can be challenging, and requires a certain level of skill and practice.

Backward Riding on Fixed Gear Bikes: A Real Skill

Riding a fixed gear bike in reverse, but it’s not easy. In fact, backward riding on fixed gear bikes is considered to be a real skill that takes practice and patience to master.

It’s not just a matter of pedaling backwards – riders need to be able to maintain balance and control while moving in the opposite direction.

Expert tips and techniques can help riders learn how to ride backward on a fixed gear bike, but it’s important to approach this skill with caution and respect for one’s own abilities.

How to Ride Backward on a Fixed Gear Bike: Expert Tips

To ride backward on a fixed gear bike is a real skill that takes practice to master. Expert riders suggest starting by flipping the bike back to non-fixed and getting the hang of rolling backward, perhaps down a gentle slope, first.

Once that is comfortable, it’s time to move on to riding backward on the fixed gear.

One tip is to lean forward and keep tension on the pedals.

Another is to find a quiet area with plenty of space to practice. It’s important to remember that riding backward on a fixed gear bike is different from a freewheeling bike, and riders must rely on skill and technique to stop.

Challenges of Riding a Fixed Gear Bike Backward

While riding a fixed gear bike backward may seem like a cool party trick, it can also come with some challenges.

1- One of the main issues is the lack of ability to coast. When riding forward, one can take a break by coasting, but this is not possible while riding backward on a fixed gear bike, requiring constant pedaling and a significant amount of energy.

2- The rider must be careful not to pedal backward, as this can result in sudden stopping or even being thrown off the bike.

3- Riding backward on a fixed gear bike also requires a high level of skill and balance, making it a challenge for beginners.

Despite these challenges, the satisfaction of mastering the skill of riding backward on a fixed gear bike can make it worth the effort.

Safety Precautions for Riding a Fixed Gear Bike Backward

In order to ride a fixed gear bike backwards, riders need to take certain safety precautions.

1- It’s important to wear a helmet and other protective gear such as elbow and knee pads. This will help protect against injuries in case of a fall or if riders lose control of the bike.

2- Riders should make sure that their bike is in good working condition before attempting to ride backwards. This includes checking the brakes, tires and chain tension.

3- Riders should practice in a safe and open environment, with no potential hazards such as traffic, pedestrians or obstacles.

4- Riders should ride backwards at a slow and controlled pace, and avoid sudden changes in direction or braking.

By taking these safety measures, riders can enjoy the unique challenge and thrill of riding a fixed gear bike backwards.

Final Thoughts!

While backward riding a fixies is possible, it requires a different set of techniques and balance, as the bike’s stability is compromised while moving in reverse. As with any type of cycling, safety precautions are essential to avoid accidents and injuries. Overall, whether riding forward or backward, a fixed gear bike can offer a unique and rewarding experience for those up for the challenge.


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